Valerie has held C-level roles which include being a CIO, a Global Services Manager for all corporate Functions, a Global Technology Portfolio Manager and a Senior Business Development Manager – all for Fortune 500 companies. Her unique expertise lies in galvanizing groups of people into high performance teams; whether for multinational corporations spread across 5 continents, or helping startups to scale with excellence. She has guided a team of employees and contractors in Africa to deep-water first oil; led an expert UK software development group to commercial software productization;  transformed the planning and forecasting process for a North American energy leader; and developed 100+ leaders in an African national energy company in the areas of leadership and innovation.

With a unique passion for people and technology, her deep experience and fluency in both domains has yielded extraordinary bottom line impact in the businesses she has helped to grow. Her motivational leadership style develops technical expertise while creating a legacy of emerging leaders in every group she guides


Acting as a mentor and guide, Valerie works closely with her clients to define a structured and practical path forward. Defining the problems that need to be solved, the specific changes that need to be made/navigated, the measurable outcomes to be achieved, the measures to be monitored and the accountabilities at all levels to be committed to are the foundation of Valerie’s work. She believes there is an important role for creativity and innovation in the workplace. Using both conventional and imaginative tools to illustrate possibilities and purpose are integral to her work.


Having been coached for most of her own 20+ year career, Valerie values the impact it has had on her personal and professional life.  Her leadership style, capacity and impact flourished as a result of being coached - due to having the space to reflect, find clarity, and plan her next steps.  

Continuing her professional journey, Valerie became a Certified Executive Coach, completing the Graduate Program at Royal Roads University.  Her consulting services and coaching practice compliment each other. Where consulting is often about providing an insight to an organization to unlock value - coaching is about asking an individual meaningful questions to unlock their potential.  


Valerie understands the accountability, vision and energy required to deliver on significant corporate objectives in the short and long-term – she has held these senior responsibilities herself in her accomplished career. She is a purposeful optimist, is committed to her family and community, and is fuelled by curiosity and creativity.

McBaird Consulting designs and delivers unique programs to support leadership development, innovation growthteam optimization, program management, and project controls for progressive corporations, emergent startups and purposeful individuals.