Leadership Development

Identify and Develop Emerging Leaders

Companies that thrive have innovative and human-focused people practices. We consider Talent Management to be Purposeful Portfolio Management of your most valued resources - the human beings delivering your company's purpose. Be prepared for multiple market and growth opportunities by creating a healthy and diverse Leadership Portfolio. 

We work with executive clients to define what leadership means to them, how it is demonstrated and who is needed to navigate through change over the short and long-term. Using simple principles and methods, our clients are able to find, develop and reward current and emerging leaders in a consistent and meaningful way.


Evaluate Bench-Strength with MBTi Individual and Team Assessment

Great individuals do not necessarily make a great leadership team. It is not just about technical skills and leadership experience - it's about the combined "bench-strength" of your team. 

To be agile and effective, your leadership team must be diverse in approaches to problem-solving, decision-making, dealing with ambiguity, motivating others, generating ideas and delivering on commitments. Using trusted assessment tools, we create an awareness of the current diversity, needs and strengths of your team. Honouring your strategy and commitments, and identifying existing gaps in roles and delivery - together, we create an aligned leadership team whose motivations, passions and differences make them a Force of Nature.

Innovation Growth


Grow Innovation Capacity with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Workshops

Using the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method, we unlock the untapped innovation capacity of individuals and teams. 

This facilitated workshop ensures every participant has a voice in solving problems, generating ideas and communicating their unique perspective. One of our Guiding Principles is, "The right question answers most problems." Our value lies in the quality of the questions we ask and how we capture the insights evoked from what our clients build. 


Connect Critical Technology Decisions to Business Purpose

Have you defined THE problem you need to solve before investing in the technology to solve it? Too often, we find a technology solution being designed to address a symptom versus the root cause of the problem. 

Using our experience with BOTH people and technology, we work with our clients to identify the TRUE need, the SOURCE of the problem and the technology AND behaviour changes required to achieve the desired outcome.

Team Optimization


Turn Strategy into an Optimized Operational Plan

To "Operationalize" your strategy leaders must be clear on their objectives, be able to measure progress and have the agility to reprioritize with clarity when change occurs. Your executive team may understand your company's purpose, strategy and values - but are they each able to translate them into personal CLEAR and MEASURABLE OUTCOME-BASED objectives? Do their direct reports have supporting CLEAR and MEASURABLE "OUTCOME-BASED" objectives? Working with your Leadership Team, we: 

  • Translate your strategy into measurable, outcomes-based objectives
  • Translate your values into measurable actions
  • Ensure every member of your team is consistently rewarded for not only what they do, but how they do it


Translate Values into Personal and Measurable Actions

It's one thing to translate strategy into objectives - it's at least as important to translate your company's values into actions.

In an engaging and transparent way, we translate your company values into measurable actions that everyone in your company can relate to - and replicate. After the workshop, performance reviews include measuring and celebrating objectives completed AND measuring and celebrating how individuals each demonstrated your company values.


  • Val strives to achieve great technical understanding of the projects she manages, yet combines this with very effective people management and relationship building.
    — BP, Corporate Communications
  • I will let them know that being a leader is not about a destination - but a journey of changing mindsets, and of bringing attitudes to influence others to achieve a goal of mutual interest...without regard of one's position in an organization.
    — ENEO employee, Leadership Through Service participant
  • Val takes a listening-first approach to solving big-picture challenges, which means she gets to the root of the issue. Her mantra -- simplicity with excellence -- has served as a guiding light for Chic Geek and we're so excited to have her as Vice Chair of the board.
    — Kylie Toh, Founder of Chic Geek
  • Val is intelligent, multi-skilled, personable and with a great understanding of the energy industry, I think Val is a tremendous asset.
    — BP, Corporate Commmunications
  • I was always delighted to witness her talents and leadership playing a strong role in inspiring, influencing and moving her colleagues and other team members to action.
    — BP, Coach and facilitator
  • Valerie is a unique and talented individual - one of a kind - and I highly commend her for her willingness to take on challenges and see them through with great success. The world needs more leaders like Valerie!
    — BP, Coach and facilitator
  • Valerie is among the best IT decision makers that I have had the pleasure of working with. Having worked with her for nearly 3 years, her ability to find creative solutions to difficult problems, combined with her sincerity and integrity mark her out as a rare individual in this industry.
    — BP, Direct Report
  • Valerie always has your best interests and development at the top of her agenda. Her focus on staff development and staff empowerment was a significant asset that Val brought to the role of CIO.
    — BP, Direct Report
  • Her ability to coach, mentor and encourage her team was what made Val one of the best leaders I have had the privilege of working for.
    — BP, Direct Report
  • Teamwork is powerful. You discover yourself. You discover that you have talent that was not in use. You discover that you are able to do things that you thought you would not be able to achieve.
    — ENEO employee, Leadership Through Service participant