Adding Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials have been created using a custom code block. To add or edit testimonials, it's good to be familiar with a little bit of HTML. 

  1. To add a new testimonial, click the "Edit" button on the code block
  2. Black text indicates the content that will appear on the web. It's important that you only edit this. 
  3. Copy and paste this line of code and ensure it falls somewhere between the <ul></ul> tags:

          <div class="sqs-widget sqs-block-modelsync sqs-block-quote sqs-block quote-block">
            <div class="sqs-block-quote-content sqs-block-content">
                    INSERT QUOTE HERE
                <figcaption class="source">&mdash;



Publishing from your Smartphone

  1. Log into your email
  2. Address your email to:
  3. You can add up to one image in your post. The following file formats are acceptable: .jpg, .gif and .png. Make sure you attach the image (don't drag and drop it into the body of the email, otherwise it won't display in the post)
  4. Email body = content for the post 
  5. Email subject = title of the post 
  6. Try to use a plain text format (instead of rich text) to avoid conflicting formatting in the blog post
  7. Click "Send"
  8. Your post will populate within 5-10 minutes 

Note: If you're publishing a blog post from your smartphone, it will not automatically push the content to LinkedIn.

Publishing to LinkedIn

To automatically push a blog post to your personal LinkedIn page, you'll need to be in the desktop version of SquareSpace. In the blog post, click "Social"

Next to your LinkedIn profile, toggle Social to ON.

Next, you can customize the format of your content sent from Squarespace. When you publish the post or save the image, this will automatically push it to LinkedIn.

Blog Settings

Meta Text - set the typeface, style, size, line height and letter spacing properties of blog meta text.

Meta Text Color - choose a color that should be used on blog meta text.

Article Spacing - adjust the space between posts on the blog list view.

Blog List Display - choose the type of information shown on the blog list view. 

Blog Byline - determine the position of the articles author name when showing a blog post. 

Blog Dateline - determine the position of the articles date on a blog post.

Disable Pagination Border - enables a border on the top and bottom of blog pagination.

Hide Excerpt Thumbnail - will hide the excerpt thumbnail on blog list page.

Hide Icons - will hide all the small icons used in blog meta information.

Hide Tags Categories - will hide the tags and categories from view in a blog. 

Full-width Banner Size: 1440 x 770 pixels. Ensure that subject of the image is close to the center for optimal viewing on tablets and smartphones.

Video Banner - To add a video banner, follow the instructions from this tutorial:



Adding Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles have been set up using an Image Gallery. Two file sizes are used: Icon and Download. To add another image:

  1. Click "Edit Page Content" 
  2. Edit the Gallery Block
  3. Select "Upload Images"
  4. Click the Gear Icon
  5. Select "Click to Add URL"
  6. Select "Files" and Add a New File
  7. Get the download file URL (you may need to save changes and view the actual website to get the file URL)
  8. Back in the editor, in place of the Image Title, paste this: <p><strong><a href="INSERT DOWNLOAD LINK">[download]</a></strong></p>

Guiding Principle Settings

Icon Size - 400 x 300 pixels

Download Size - 1440 x 1080 pixels (also optimal for PowerPoint slides)


Gallery Navigation - determines the type of gallery image navigation is provided on the page.

Gallery Info Overlay - select the type of display used for image title and caption.

Gallery Aspect Ratio - controls the aspect ratio (width:height) for the gallery active slide.

Gallery Arrow Style - determines the style of the arrows used to cycle through the slides.

Gallery Transitions - select the transition styles used to animate between slides being viewed.

Gallery Show Arrows - choose to use arrows for cycling through slides.

Gallery Auto Crop - choose to auto crop slide images to the selected ratio.

Gallery Autoplay - choose to cycle gallery images automatically without user interaction.

Gallery Loop - enable a gallery to cycle through to the first slide after the last slide.

Gallery Autoplay Speed - specify the speed at which the gallery pauses on the active slide.

Gallery Thumbnail Size - control the height of thumbnail images when used for gallery navigation.

Gallery Arrow Background - specify the color that is used for the shape of gallery arrows.

Gallery Arrow Color - specify the color that is used for the arrow itself.

Gallery Circle Color - specify the color that is used for the circle shape gallery arrows.

Gallery Info Background - specify the color used in the background of the image title and caption. 


Description of Key Metrics

Panel Description - Traffic Overview A collection of activity on your site in its entirety.

Mobile Usage - A breakdown of site visits from mobile devices.

Subscribers - A breakdown of subscribers to every RSS feed on your site.

Referrers - The sites from which visitors arrive to your site.

Popular Content - A breakdown of your most popular content based on page views.

Search Engine Queries - Words or strings of words that users enter into search engines to successfully find your site.

Site Search Queries - Words or strings of words that visitors enter into a Search Block on your site. If you don't have a Search Block, this section will remain empty.

Activity Log - A list of each visitor and the date and time they visited, their IP address, and the page they visited. Clicking the IP address displays country, referrer, browser, and operating system.


Footer Settings

Footer Text - set the typeface, style, size, line height and letter spacing properties of text inside the footer area.

Footer Alignment - controls the text alignment of the footer text. 

Disable Footer Border - removes the border from the top of the footer area.


Social Icon Settings

Social Icon Size - set the size of the template specific social icons.

Social Icon Color - choose a color for the template specific social icon links. 

Social Icon Style - sets the template specific social icons style.

Social Icon Placement - sets the template specific social icon position. 

Five Template Guide

Please reference the Five Template Guide for more in-depth troubleshooting.

Need more help?

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